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We build mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows for both smartphones and tablets. It's all about user experience (UX) and that’s the difference between a developer and a boutique house like Kibbi. The Kibbi app team are not just great coders but what makes them experts is the value and insight they can provide into the latest techniques, evolving technologies and eye for design. An eye for design in developers is often rare but for our products and for our clients it has been key to their success.



Our wearable device app development teams develop customer-centric applications that are customized and run flawlessly on wearable devices for iOS as well as Android platforms. Our focus for innovation and design help develop applications that leverage the new age wearable technology for entrepreneurs, start-ups and big brands.

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We can also provide off the shelf iOS and Android apps for as little as £2,500 for B2B companies wanting to provide more interaction with their client base.