Meet Kibbi.
Kibbi starts.
Setting up the Kibbi system only takes a few minutes. Once you’ve attached the sensors, all you need to do is download the app, plug in and play.
Kibbi senses.
Attachable sensors around your home work with the main unit to alert you of any unusual activity, outside or in.

Its bespoke settings deter unwelcome visitors in intelligent ways. Not expecting a late night call? Kibbi can impersonate a dog to scare them off.
Kibbi sees.
WIth its HD camera and live streaming, Kibbi sees and records what’s going on and plays it back to you.
Kibbi stores.
The package comes with 1GB of free storage in the Cloud but can also record straight to USB.
Kibbi alerts.
The Kibbi app and home unit sync, allowing notifications to be delivered straight to your phone. And if you just want to check in, you can see a live stream of your home too whenever you want.
Kibbi connects.
Kibbi syncs with devices you already own and works with IFTTT Over time you can customise your devices to create a tailored security system.
Why Kibbi?