Sourcing Components

Our professional components procurement team ensure all of our components are sourced from reliable suppliers or directly from the factories.


  • Camera Lens
  • Speakers
  • Wireless Modules
  • Memory
  • Blank Board
  • BLE Chips
  • Capacitors
  • Resistors
  • SOC

  • With our wide and powerful network of parts sourcing, we offer full turn-key PCBA service and all components would be sourced on your behalf. Considering the big price difference between different suppliers, we only source from reliable suppliers who may have no price advantages but in high quality.


    Plastics material such as ABS and PC to medical grade silicon.

    We offer a special service for any crowd funding campaign which brings speed to deployment of development of your product.

    We can provide a full or partial turn key service or simply work within your BOM.